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Erik De BoerI have always had a love of animals, and was allowed my first dog at the age of 13, a Doberman named Rokko. I was introduced to the world of dog showing through him. I took him to a ribbon parade at the suggestion of some dog people won a ribbon and was hooked! Unfortunately things did not go well with Rokko and I had to let him go. It was some time before I was allowed another dog.

In those early days with Rokko I used to admire a couple that used to arrive at the shows with a tribe of Boxers, and decided I would have one of those one day. I was finally allowed my next dog, and purchased my first Boxer with money saved from holiday jobs, a bitch called Zanduke Look Me Over “Tara”. I can still remember picking her up from the airport like it was yesterday; it was love at first sight. I didn’t know anything back then, not knowing if she was good or bad and remember saying, I don’t care if she is an ugly one I’m keeping her anyway.

Erik De Boer with his first boxer Tara receiving her veteran's medal.Tara was spoiled rotten, and as a result I gave her to close friends when I left home as she spent every minute I was at work howling, and barking! She didn’t seem to miss me at all, as she was spoilt rotten at her new home, making it to over 13 years of age.

I registered the Quasar prefix in 1993 and bred my first litter the same year, breeding my first Champion “Quasar Simply Red” Kenya. Kenya was the love of my life, and best mate. She was so loyal. Kenya is behind everything we have bred in our kennel.

I met my wife Jacky, through the boxer club, when she had just bought her first boxer “Ike”. Our dreams came true when we purchased our lifestyle block in Ohoka where we have 3 cows, 25 or so sheep, a vast number of chickens, a cat and our boxers who enjoy the country life, and given the opportunity when Dad and mum are not looking chasing the odd chicken or two.

In our quest for perfection our emphasis is not only on confirmation but also on health and temperament. All our breeding stock are hip scored, and heart tested by NZ’s only qualified canine cardiologist.

We hope you enjoy looking at our dogs.
Erik & Jacky de Boer

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